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Joe Wilson

May 16, 2016  Today I had the honor of presenting an hour of CIT demonstration scenarios to the Ranger Excellence School students at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland Colorado.  Park Rangers and associated Law Enforcement professionals from ten states as well as Colorado were in attendance.  Even though these were "just" demonstrations, a remarkable sharing occurred between my character,  an older Viet Nam vet looking for a cliff to jump off, and my scene partner, a Larimer County sergeant.  This work, and the impact it has on people, never fails to humble me.  It was so gratifying to see these Rangers from all over the country here to improve their skills in a wide range of disciplines.  It is always a pleasure to work with Larimer County Sheriffs as well.

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May 15, 2016   Monday we embark on another new adventure in conjunction with various Adams County jurisdictions and Community Reach Center.  We will be providing the role-players for a combined Patrol & Detention Crisis Intervention Training Class at Adams County Sheriff's Detention Facility in Brighton.  Being able to provide specific live-action scenarios for both Patrol and Detention student-officers in the same 40 hour class will result in significant savings for tax-payers, and give more officers the opportunity to receive this vital training.

For us, it means each of our actors will prepare and present twice the scenarios as usual.  Patrol officers will see how Deputies operate in crisis situations, and vice-versa.  I believe this is another example of the versatility, experience and talent we at Twopenny bring to the field of Crisis Intervention Training.

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